Small Group Semi-Independent Living

Our semi-independent living provision delivers support and accommodation for young people aged 16-17, within a small group setting. All accommodation is to a high standard and with well-equipped individual rooms and shared spaces, there is ample freedom for the young person to personalise their living space.

We aim to create a homely environment in which each young person has the opportunity to thrive and to develop a positive self-identity, and to do so in a person centred, physically and emotionally safe setting.

All our provision is staffed on a 24 hour a day basis, with sleep in staff covering 24:00-08:00 as the norm.

  • We value each young person for who and what they are and provide person centred support appropriate to individual need to actively promote personal growth, resilience and life skills.
  • We operate a development worker system, with a consistent identified staff member providing a focus for engagement, achieving planned outcomes and addressing personal issues.
  • The development worker will also support the delivery of the Independent Living Programme, this is delivered in a person centred manner, acknowledging individual learning styles and capacity.
  • We place a particular emphasis on this work as we aim for every young person placed with us to acquire the skills, knowledge and resilience necessary for a positive transition to independence.
  • We work hard to ensure the voice of the young person is heard, that they are able to express their views, wishes and feelings, and that these are valued and addressed positively. We have in place a number of mechanisms to enable this, and ensure that regular young peoples’ meetings take place.
  • We work with young people and other professionals to identify and source future housing options when the young person is ready to move on.
  • We operate within effective policies and procedures, with the safeguarding and well-being of each young person at the core of all our activities.