Semi-independent accommodation and support within ‘training flats’

This accommodation offers young people aged 16/17, real-world experience within individual, self-contained flats. Accommodation is within settings managed and supported by Omega, with staff onsite 24 hours a day, based in team accommodation.

All accommodation is to a high standard with the opportunity to individually personalise the living space. We aim to create a homely environment in which the young person is able to thrive and to develop a positive sense of self-identity.

The provision is staffed on a 24 hour a day basis, with sleep in staff covering 24:00-08:00 as the norm. A creative, consistent staff team working as a coherent whole, will be put in place to enable relationship development, and to ensure the needs and aspirations of the young person are met.

  • Omega Care Group liaises closely with social care staff to deliver young person centred support, with identified milestones and outcomes for young people within solo placements.
  • We will actively work with the young person to support their physical and mental health needs.
  • We will promote an active engagement in accessing opportunities for employment, education and training.
  • Young people will participate in the Independent Living Programme, this reflects a person centred approach and individual learning styles, and actively supports the acquisition of the skills, knowledge and resilience necessary for the young person to successfully move towards independence.
  • We will ensure that the voice of the young person is heard, advocated for and that their feelings, aspirations and wishes are responded to and valued. We will use a range of mechanisms to enable this.
  • Ongoing liaison with social care staff will be maintained with options to reduce the level of support as the young person achieves identified milestones (eg: accessing education/training).
  • We operate within effective policies and procedures, with the safeguarding and well-being of the young person at the core of all our activities.