Floating Support

Our Floating Support service provides planned and responsive support for young people living in their own accommodation or within accommodation provided by Omega Care Group.

We work with social care staff to provide individually tailored, person centred support services over a specified number of hours across the week.

We operate a development worker system, ensuring consistency of staff and generating optimal conditions for positive engagement and relationship building.

The development worker will address the areas of work necessary to promote the young person’s journey towards autonomy, and utilise the Independent Living Programme to support the acquisition of the skill sets, knowledge base and resilience necessary to equip the young person for independent living.

The development worker will undertake ongoing assessments of the young person’s developing self-care capabilities within their living environment. These will be shared with the social care team, with opportunities to taper the level of support provided, as the placement progresses.

  • The development worker will also act as an advocate for the young person and support and enable them in expressing their views, wishes and feelings.
  • The young person will be positively supported in accessing new opportunities and experiences, and to engage with the wider community.
  • We will actively work with the young person to support their physical and mental health needs.
  • We will actively support engagement in employment, education and training opportunities.
  • We operate within effective policies and procedures, with the safeguarding and well-being of the young person at the core of all our activities.