Family Support

  • Staff will seek to identify, promote and maintain routines, share skills and offer positive role modelling.
  • This provision offers opportunities for new and creative experiences.
  • We aim to work in partnership with social care, the family and all relevant agencies, to deliver the most appropriate support package.
  • Staff will actively promote engagement with the young person and their family in the planning, delivery and further development of the work.
  • We operate within robust risk management processes, working to safeguard staff, the young person and the wider family.
  • All staff engaged with the delivery of family support work will have received appropriate, relevant training.
  • We operate within effective policies and procedures, with the safeguarding and well-being of all those engaged at the core of our activities.

This provision offers targeted, sessional work with children and young people in their home or off site. Our collective approach is firmly rooted in person centred work, promoting and supporting the development of the individual. We place an emphasis on co-working with wider family and social networks (where appropriate), and aim to promote and enhance personal and family group resilience, and the positive routines and behaviours that support this.